Step 1: An IT foundation that's
up to the task

The goal is secure, real-time collaboration capabilities delivered to any device, anywhere, at any time. But before you can do that, your supporting network infrastructure has to be up to par.

The first step in the journey helps ensure that your network is ready to support collaboration in a variety of media, from anywhere, at anytime.

Likely pain points

Your organization knows that enhancing collaboration and communication is necessary, but you don't know where to start or how to apply the technologies. Your infrastructure isn't aligned to support communication and collaboration, either. Communication applications are difficult and slow to deploy. Your network is difficult to manage and overly complex while lacking scalability and security.

How Logicalis can help

Our experts will help you develop a clear roadmap for evolving your efforts, complete with use cases, and then assess your infrastructure to determine current strengths and areas for improvement. We'll examine your:

Core network: Enhance your core networking to help accelerate deployment of applications, minimize complexity and ongoing operational costs, increase control and visibility into the network, and scale your infrastructure for the best quality of experience.

Wired network: Evaluate routing, switching and network management so you can manage your network centrally and still provide everyone in your organization—including those at remote sites—access to critical business applications and services.

Wireless network: Ensure that your wireless networks are ready for the demands created by collaboration and communication solutions—especially video and the increasing presence of mobile devices. We’ll ensure that your wireless network is protected against unauthorized access and eliminate any rogue access points.

Directory Services: Ensure that authentication is secure and properly configured to maximize security while providing seamless access to all authorized applications and services.

IWAN: Smoothly transition from premium WAN connections to less expensive Internet transport without compromising application performance, reliability or security.

Management: Implement top-down management capabilities to deliver improved operational efficiencies, reduced operating expenses and lower capital expenditures.

Security: Develop security policies and architecture to prevent abuse, protect critical information and ensure reliability.

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Communication Components