Step 3: Integrated Collaboration

The third step of our journey enables true video collaboration and seamlessly extends collaboration to mobile platforms without sacrificing performance or security.

Likely pain points

Your organization already employs a basic suite of communication and collaboration solutions, but you know there is still room for improvement. Users are demanding mobile access so they can collaborate from anywhere, and the necessity of video communications is becoming increasingly apparent. You're also being tasked with extending your communication and collaboration initiative to help improve customer relationships.

How Logicalis can help

We'll help your organization truly realize the benefits of collaboration. Instead of merely adding new methods for communication, we'll help integrate collaboration into your organization's DNA as a way to get work done—from anywhere, at anytime.

Mobility Services: Allow your users to collaborate on any device, from anywhere, at any time. Ensure that the right people have the right access to the right information, with a digital workspace that helps them get work done. Enable centralized management and security to drive efficiencies and deliver a seamless user experience.

Video: Empower your workforce to collaborate face-to-face from anywhere, just as if they were sitting around the same conference table. Allow for better collaboration with both your business partners and your customers. We'll help you analyze your needs, develop and implement a tailor-made solution to boost your competitive edge, and drive adoption throughout your organization.

Contact Centers: Open a direct line to your customers that differentiates your organization through the ability to respond quickly and effectively. Simultaneously provide the flexibility for your users to work from home. We'll help you manage the quality of customer interactions, optimize your workforce for efficiency, and leverage omni-channel solutions for enhanced reach.

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